Stump Hill Activities

Fishing · Snow Skiing · Water Skiing · Hiking · Bush Walking · Horseback Riding · Star Gazing · Mountain Biking


Horseback riders and bicyclists, alike, can take advantage of the terrain and spend hours exploring the countryside. As with walking, there are many places to explore and you may spend as long as you like doing so, with the knowledge that a nice, comfy cabin is awaiting you on your return. Ideal for horseback riding groups.
Stump Hill provides agistment for your horses. Due to the size of the property and the fact that it borders a state forest and the Strathbogie Ranges, you have a tremendous selection of rides available.

The terrain has features that will suit everyone. Mountain cyclists have many trails to ride, but there are also easier paths for the casual mountain/hybrid cyclist. Cyclists of all types may ride to some stunning views, then return to their cabins for refreshment after an exciting day, enjoying the scenery and the camaraderie around the fire.

Stump Hill has a large selection of trails for the avid walker/hiker that can be a stroll for the novice or test the limits of an experienced bushwalker. There are hills to climb and forests to visit. You won't be bored and the views are majestic.

A short stroll will put guests on the Broken River that runs through the property where, they can cast a line and catch one of the many species of fish native to the stream. There are trout and yellow-bellied perch to tease to your hook. Also, not native, but still a challenge to bring in are the carp. Some of these fish get pretty big, so get ready for a fight!

Tennis and basketball facilities are available. It's not Wimbledon, but you can still get some competitive exercise on the court. We have racquets and balls available, but if you have your own equipment, bring it along.

We have two high knolls that are ideal for the amateur astronomer, so if this is your passion, load up your telescope and bring it to Stump Hill. We can provided you with a lift to the top with your gear, or you may drive yourself and take advantage of the light-pollution free skies of the High Country. We have accommodations ideal for astronomy clubs, so for a special astronomical event, your group can book one of our cabins and share the excitement.

For booking enquiries contact: Dick & Jenny Forrest (03) 5776 4227 (After 7:30pm)